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How the classes are conducted at TutoringFactory school?

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Online classes are individual and are conducted on the interactive platform. For the students’ comfort and good connection, we use Skype and an interactive blackboard. The curriculum is made individually for each student. The duration of each lesson is 50 minutes.

What do you need for the classes?

  • Computer / Laptop / Tablet
  • Internet acсess
  • Microphone and headphones

We DO NOT RECCOMEND to use a smartphone for the lessons! It negatively affects the convenience of work and the study of the material.

The optimal Internet speed for uninterrupted communication is 1 MB/s, the recommended browser is Google Chrome.

The classes could be conducted everywhere: at home, during the vacation, on the open air and even during a trip. And if the student has no opportunity to join the class, it can be canceled and rescheduled.

Parents presence at the class is NOT NECESSARY! All the meetings are recorded and are able to watch any time.

Platform classes

We have developed lesson programs for students of different study levels, according to that students can prepare for:

  • exams taking,
  • proper topics,
  • tests,
  • competitions.

Each tutor online at practices an individual approach to every student. At the very beginning of study process, all the students are tested to reveal the gaps in order to make the most effective training plan (combining various kinds of exercises, active / passive types of work, independent and joint activities of the student and teacher, theoretical and game material).

Interactive whiteboard

An online tutor works with an interactive whiteboard as well as a student. With the help of the board could be solved basic and additional tasks both. The board synchronously displays all the actions, so the student sees all the tutor's notes and notes on the board.

The video below shows how the board works.

If any problems arise during the class, the student is promptly assisted by the tutors themselves and the 24/7 working support service.

Skype as a source of communication between the tutor and the student!

Communication and feedback with the students pass through Skype using the "screen sharing" function. Since the child works with the platform through his personal account, and the teacher will accompany him and monitor the progress of assignments.

Tutor Feedback

The s tutor sends a report on the child's progress by mail every 2 weeks, after the passage of 4 lessons. In this document, parents will be able to find the covered topics, comments on the lessons, and the tutor's recommendations.

Additionally, the full program of the planned lesson is visible in the personal account. If desired, it can be corrected at any time and agreed with the mathematics tutor.

Feedback is an active assistant in learning:

  • shows the student's progress;
  • Shows how long it took to eliminate gaps in the problematic topic;
  • visualizes the covered topics;
  • allows you to adjust the plan at the discretion of the parent / student;

Feedback is an unobtrusive contact between a teacher and a parent. With its help, you can adjust the program to make the learning process comfortable for all participants.

It also gives parents another reason to be proud of their child, who does a great amount of work, same as the tutor.

About our school

Julia Zaive

Many thanks to the staff of the TutoringFactory school and teacher Khatri Varsha. We were looking for a very long time for a teacher that could interest our son in mathematics, and we found it here. Classes are interesting, there is always a way to contact the teacher and great support from the operators. Now the son helps his younger sister with mathematics, and we don't even hear that mathematic is the worst subject.


Our daughter loves the lessons. We started with lessons 2 times a week and eventually switched to 4. Many thanks to her teacher, Aryan Dara, for instilling such an interest in mathematics in her in such a short time.


Hello, everyone! My niece is already finishing 5th grade. She pays little attention to mathematics at school, as she is more of a creative person. She likes dancing more than sitting and practicing math. But anyway, mathematics is a very necessary subject nowadays, without knowledge of mathematics it will be difficult to enter a university in the future! So, we decided to find a tutor online. The main thing for me was that he could instill love for mathematics. In general, we decided to try to study at the online mathematical school "TutoringFactory". Our girl really liked it, because there are bright illustrations and everything happens in the form of a game, all the training takes place with interesting examples, and her favorite cartoon characters take part in the training. In this online school, she studies independently, no one is above her soul, neither a strict teacher nor parents) She herself performs tasks that she likes and that she understands.


My niece graduated from the 2nd grade this year. I would never have believed that in elementary school, children may need additional help, but, unfortunately, they do. The teacher, who teaches all subjects, does not feel love for mathematics herself and transmits the same dismissive and indifferent attitude to children. Parents are already preparing their child for a sought-after profession. We began to look for a tutor who would not only give them knowledge, but also help them to better understand and love the subject itself (so that the child would stop crying when he was offered to solve a task). At first, we were looking for an ordinary tutor that would teach «at home". But as the family does not live in the biggest city, there is a problem finding an elementary school tutor and since I myself started learning online via Skype (a foreign language), I advised to look for an online tutor. So, we found "Izzygo” while googling accidentally

Subscription plans


50 lessons

25 EUR per lesson

Total 1050 EUR


10 lessons

25 EUR per lesson

Total 240 EUR


5 lessons

25 EUR per lesson

Total 125 EUR


1 lesson

30 EUR per lesson

Total 30 EUR